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Towa Tei

Artist, producer, DJ and remixer who loves to brave the musical boundaries. His music is a combination of Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Bossa Nova and House.
First appeared on the international music scene in the late 80s when he studied in New York and worked together with the Jungle Brothers (he designed the cover of their second album »Down by the forces of nature« and was also involved in the production of the album).
In New York he also met Dimitri and Lady Miss Kier. The three formed the band Deee-Lite. With their first album »World Clique«, released in 1990, and the single release »Groove is in the heart« Deee-Lite became one of the stars of the dance music scene in the early 90s.
After three album releases with Deee-Lite Towa Tei started his solo career and in 1995 he gave a brilliant debut with his album »Future Listening!«. With his solo projects Towa Tei never reached the commercial success of the first album with Deee-Lite but he created a couple of club classics like »Happy« and »Technova«.

More about Towa Tei at:

Towa Tei Official Website (Japanese)



(02.04.2005 / V2CP-210)

Sweet robots against
the machine

(02.05.2002/CTCR-18038) (J)
(02.08.2002 / AVTCD-95594)

Towa Tei Best
(24.10.2001/AMCT-4567) (J)
(18.03.2002 / 0927-40390-2)
(25.11.2002) (A)

(21.06.2000 / AMCT-4480)

Lost Control Mix 2
(26.01.2000 / AMCT-4458)

Lost Control Mix 1
(25.11.1999 / AMCT-4452)

Last century modern
(28.07.1999/AMCT-4444) (J)
(23.05.2000 / 8573-82962-2)
(27.05.2000 / 2-62528) (US)

Let me know
(feat. Chara)

(23.06.1999 / AMCT-4438)

(feat. Ayumi Tanabe)

(25.10.1998 / AMCT-2877)

Sound Museum
(25.05.1998/AMCT-2749) (J)
(24.02.1998 / 2-61936) (US)

The best of Towa Tei works
(04.03.1998 / FLCF-3710)

Stupid Fresh
(27.11.1997 / AMCY-2395)

GBI (German Bold Italic)
(10.09.1997 / AMCY-2367)

Future Listening!
(25.04.1995 / 7559-61761-2) (E)

J - Japanese Release
A - Asian Release
E - European Release
US - US Release

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